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Preflight Mechanic

Ensure airplanes are safe and ready to go before take-off.

What does a Preflight Mechanic do?

Passengers count on the fact that the plane or helicopter getting them from here to there is safe and functional. Forty thousand feet above the safety of the ground is not the place to find a problem. That’s why Pilots, passengers, and Business Owners rely on the skills of the Preflight Mechanic to make sure the aircraft is in tip-top shape before take-off.

As a Preflight Mechanic, you might work on planes with other specialists, such as Aircraft Engine Mechanics and Aircraft Body Repairers. Your duties are somewhat different with each plane. For example, one plane might be due for departure in a few minutes when the Pilot realizes that the oil gauge is malfunctioning. Another day, the task at hand might be finding a rattle, tightening a loose seat, or replacing a tire.

Your responsibilities as a Preflight Mechanic might be pre-planned, such as when you perform scheduled maintenance. Many times, though, your day is full of high-intensity repairs while a plane full of passengers wait. Because the safety of those passengers is more important than their impatience, there’s no duct-taping involved in this job. Instead of taking shortcuts for a temporary fix, you do a thorough job of making the correct repair.

In order to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner, you use tools especially made for the massive aircraft that you work on. In addition, you abide by all safety precautions and keep careful records of all work performed on each plane.