Prefinish Operator

Tend machines that coat surfaces of hardwood-veneer panels with paint.

What does a Prefinish Operator do?

Tends machines in tandem that coat surfaces of decorative hardwood-veneer panels with stain, paint, or wax: Mixes stain according to formula, using graduated container, mixing drum, and portable mixer. Connects hoses of coating machines to containers of stain, paint, and wax. Measures thickness of panels, using steel tape, and turns handcranks to adjust coating machines. Moves controls to activate conveyors and pumps, to set thermostats on heating ovens, and to start sanding, roller-coating, and spray-coating machines. Compares processed panels with sample panel to verify adherence to specifications. Pumps cleaning solution through lines of machines upon completion of process; and replaces worn components, such as rollers, brushes, doctor blades, and sandpaper.