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Produce and edit TV shows or ad spots.

What does a Preditor do?

Though this title might look like a misspelling of one-half of a popular science fiction-horror film series (Alien vs. Predator), it actually refers to an entertainment job that happens behind the scenes. A Preditor is a combination of a Producer and an Editor. Preditors not only oversee the creation of a show or ad spot from start to finish, but they also have a hand in what the finished product looks like.

A big part of a Preditor’s job entails keeping an eye on production from start to finish. In order to do this, you need excellent collaboration skills and a strong sense of organization. You might start your work on a project by helping the Writers create catchy copy, and end it by finding the perfect Graphic Designer to draw characters that really pop.

It’s your job to do all that’s necessary to get a project moving from idea to production. You create budgets, pitch ideas to the senior Producer or Creative Director, research new promotion styles, and write pieces. After production wraps up, you edit the reels, going through and cutting out scenes or shots that don’t fit with the feel of the piece or the timeline. You also add enough advertisements or sponsored messages to pay the bills, but not so many that you overwhelm your viewers.

You can work for pretty much every type of television or production company. Aside from the show itself, you might also make short spots marketing or promoting the station or show.