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Predictive Maintenance Specialist

Use x-rays and ultrasounds to find problems with machines or buildings.

What does a Predictive Maintenance Specialist do?

Products in our everyday lives require maintenance to stay in top working order. The washing machine and coffee pot are supposed to undergo periodic cleanings (really, they are!), and cars need to have their oil changed and their spark plugs replaced.

However, with an object like a bridge or a cruise ship, you might not be able to see what’s going on in the center of 20 feet of metal. That’s where the Predictive Maintenance Specialist comes in.

As a Predictive Maintenance Specialist, you’re charged with “seeing” airplanes, trains, cars, trucks, construction equipment, or buildings from the inside out. In a way, Predictive Maintenance Specialists are a little like Magicians turning one object into another — in this case, large, thick objects into a diagram of stress points, internal cracks, and corrosion.

Unlike Circus Performers, however, you use modern technology to get the job done. You use machines like x-rays and ultrasounds to identify needed repairs long before they reach a dangerous level so that customers can create a repair plan. That’s a much better technique than waiting for the bridge to collapse, the ship to sink, or the plane to fall out of the sky.

You might specialize in manufacturing equipment or submarines, or travel to a variety of job sites. Whatever your chosen work environment, you use the equipment to collect data about the internal condition of the object, make sure it’s up to code, and then create a report based on your findings.