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Precision Assembly Inspector

Inspect and test precision parts and assemblies.

What does a Precision Assembly Inspector do?

Inspects and tests precision parts and assemblies, such as landing gear, control columns, boosters, and impellers, used in manufacturing aircraft and aircraft engines, for conformance to blueprints, drawings, and other specifications, using precision measuring instruments and testing equipment: Visually examines parts for completeness, relationship of component parts, work quality, and obvious defects. Measures clearances, dimensions, alignment, mesh, and fit of component parts, using precision measuring instruments, such as boroscope, micrometers, calipers, and gauges. Compares measurements to blueprints, drawings, and specifications to determine if parts conform to acceptable tolerances. Connects assemblies to bench test equipment, and conducts functional and continuity tests to determine if working mechanisms adhere to established standards. Records inspection results to document acceptance, rejection, or rework required of inspected parts and assemblies. May plan method and sequence of inspection and testing when written information is not provided.