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Precision Assembler

Assemble aircraft precision hydraulic and structural subassemblies.

What does a Precision Assembler do?

Assembles, tests, and repairs aircraft and space vehicle precision hydraulic and structural subassemblies, assemblies, and incidental mechanical units, such as landing gear, elevator, and control stands, according to blueprints and specifications, using handtools, power tools, precision instruments, and test equipment: Reads and interprets blueprints, specifications, and related documents to determine methods and sequence of operations. Examines component parts for defects. Measures parts to ensure conformance to specified dimensions and lays out reference points for holes, trim lines, and part locations, using precision measuring instruments. Drills, reams, trims, shims, files, and smooths parts, using handtools and power tools, to ensure fit and clearance of component parts. Aligns, fits, and assembles hydraulic, structural, and mechanical components into completed assembly, using jigs, fixtures, measuring instruments, handtools, and power tools. Tests functional performance of completed assemblies, such as booster units and aircraft heaters, using test equipment. Reworks, replaces, and realigns parts, adjusts valves, retorques fittings, and retests units to ensure conformance to specifications.