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Precinct Police Sergeant I

Supervise and coordinate activities of squad of Police Officers.

What does a Precinct Police Sergeant I do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of squad of POLICE OFFICERS I 375.263-014 assigned to patrol, in car or on foot, designated area of municipality: Assumes command of squad at precinct or headquarters, inspects uniforms and equipment, and reads orders to squad. Cruises in car to observe POLICE OFFICER I on post or in cars for efficiency and appearance and to direct them in duties. Reports infractions of rules to superiors. Notifies superior of major crimes or disturbances within area and takes necessary action until arrival of superior. Reports dangers in streets or sidewalks, such as holes, obstructions, or leaking gas mains. May be designated according to assigned duty of force members supervised as Police Sergeant, Radio Patrol; or according to type facility assigned as Airport Safety And Security Duty Officer.