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Precinct Police Captain

Direct activities of the members of police force assigned to precinct.

What does a Precinct Police Captain do?

Directs and coordinates activities of members of police force assigned to precinct or patrol division: Conducts roll call of officers at beginning and end of tour of duty. Explains general orders, special messages, and decisions of POLICE CHIEF 375.117-010 to subordinates. Assigns force members to designated posts. Informs members of command of changes in regulations and policies, implications of new or amended laws, and new techniques of police work. Submits report on condition of precinct or police station house and equipment and on daily precinct or patrol activities to superiors. Investigates charges of inefficiency or neglect of duty against force members and files charges based on evidence. Recommends merit awards for subordinates. Investigates charges filed against private citizens by complainants before issuing arrest orders. Reads and forwards reports of subordinates to POLICE CHIEF. May review activity reports prepared by police personnel for quantity and quality of work performance. May read and answer police correspondence. May write and submit police press releases to media. May issue city permits signed by POLICE CHIEF for parades, street vendors and petitioners. May assign and work with ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 169.167-010 to prepare budget of department. May be designated according to assignment as Chief, Airport Safety And Security; Police Lieutenant, Precinct; Police Sergeant, Precinct II.