Communicate God's teachings through homilies.

What does a Preacher do?

Perhaps the most common fear is that of public speaking. For a Preacher, however, oratory isn’t an aversion. It’s a vocation. That’s because it’s the job of the Preacher to preach, typically from a pulpit, and usually in front of a seated congregation.

Preachers are employed by churches across multiple faiths, many cultures, and most denominations. As a Preacher, you’re paid to spread the message of God by writing and delivering sermons, speeches, and homilies. You don’t create religious doctrine; instead, you communicate it.

That said, you also act often as Minister, Pastor, and Priest – all of which are titles you might synonymously bear, depending on your individual church and denomination. As any of the above, you spend time in between sermons counseling church members and officiating at church ceremonies, including weddings, baptisms, and funerals. You also manage church staff, oversee church finances, teach your parish about church doctrine, and administer religious sacraments.

No matter what your parish calls you – you may also be known, for instance, as Chaplain, Rector, or Reverend – your main duties are evangelizing, interpreting, inspiring, persuading, and educating on behalf of your faith. Like a Shepherd with his flock, you guide your parishioners through spiritual dilemmas with an oratory candle that verbally lights the way.

Yours is a soapbox, to be sure. Don’t worry, though: Because it’s God-given, your didacticism is divine!