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Pre-Kindergarten Teacher



Get kids ready for kindergarten.

What does a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher do?

To become a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (or Pre-K Teacher), brush up on the ABC song and limber up your fingers for some serious tower building. Singing songs, making art projects, and working with blocks are just some of the fun tasks of a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, but you should know this is hard work. Imagine handling a classroom full of kids under five!

As a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, you work with these kids to prepare them for kindergarten, teaching things like letters, numbers, fine motor skills, and social interaction. In the morning, you could be helping them with their handwriting, teaching them to read, or telling them a story from a book. The afternoon might involve counting to ten, singing number songs, or identifying the days of the week. Throughout the day, you work on their motor skills, which are things like putting the top back on a marker, stacking cups, or writing with a pencil.

Another big part of being a Pre-K Teacher involves coaching your children on the social aspects of school. It’s difficult for kids to go from being free to do what they want to having to sit in a classroom and listen to you for four to six hours a day. In Pre-K, you want to get your pupils ready to handle their upcoming years of school by teaching things like how to line up, share, and use inside voices.

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