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Pre-Assembly Printed Circuit Board Component Tester

Test electronic function of components.

What does a Pre-Assembly Printed Circuit Board Component Tester do?

Tests electronic function of components preparatory to printed circuit board assembly for compliance to company standards, using test equipment: Selects and positions test fixture on test equipment panel according to type of component being tested. Keys data into computer keyboard or turns dials and presses buttons to set tolerances on equipment, following company standards guide. Positions components in test fixture or mounts reels containing components on tape onto machine spindle and threads component tape through test machine guides. Activates equipment to start test and observes colored panel lights on equipment to determine whether components meet specifications. Replaces defective components. Verifies dimensions of components, using calipers and specification book. Obtains vendor history file for reference when excessive component defects result during testing. Maintains records of test results. May solder electronic components to test boards prior to testing. May be designated according to unit tested as Capacitor Tester; Hybrid Tester; Inductor Tester; Relay Tester; Resistor Tester; Transformer Tester.