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Practice Manager

Direct the personnel and the business operations of a medical clinic.

What does a Practice Manager do?

There’s no question that a Doctor can change the life of a patient. The proper treatment, provided at the proper time, can transform a sick person into a glowing picture of health and vibrancy.

But without a Practice Manager, this revolutionary work cannot take place. A Practice Manager sets up, runs, and manages the office that supports the Doctor. In short, as a Practice Manager, you make healing possible.

The entire support staff of the clinic is under your control. Accountants, Receptionists, Housekeepers, and others are all hired, trained, disciplined, praised, and promoted by you. In some clinics, you may even hire new Doctors to join the team.

The staff you supervise has the primary goal of keeping customers happy and willing to return another day. If patients are upset about any part of the service they received, including billing errors, long wait times, or dirty exam rooms, they visit you and outline their concerns. You do your best to fix the problem.

Interacting with insurance companies is also an important part of your work. Formal arrangements outline how much your clinic will be paid for each service, and when you will be paid. These arrangements must be reviewed and updated by you on a regular basis.

In addition to these tasks, you set the budget for your clinic, determining how much people should be paid, how much you can spend on equipment, and how much you should invest for a rainy day.