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Powertrain Control Systems Engineer

Improve and enhance a vehicle's mechanical performance.

What does a Powertrain Control Systems Engineer do?

A Powertrain Control Systems Engineer develops powertrain control systems to meet function, cost, and time requirements. A powertrain control system can refer to both an automatic and a manual transmission system. But as advancements in electronics have become an integral part of automobiles, powertrain control systems most often refer to the electronic component of an automobile.

Therefore, your job as a Powertrain Control Systems Engineer is to continually improve upon the system currently in place. You enhance vehicle performance, find ways to lower fuel consumption, make exhaust emissions cleaner, improve safety features, and increase speed and response time in vehicles.

Depending on how many other Engineers you’re working with and what your exact function is within the company, your tasks may vary. However, on a day-to-day basis, you can be expected to design and optimize new systems through the use of computer programs as well as by testing vehicles in real-world situations. You are also tasked with utilizing and developing new software for creating programs for the vehicles, as well as creating the programs themselves.

The job of a Powertrain Control Systems Engineer is a big one, especially with automobile companies working on the same things at the same time and trying to outdo each other. But if you love cars and are interested in their mechanics and inner workings, this position will give you the great opportunity of developing new advancements in the field.