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Powerhouse Mechanic

Install and maintain equipment and parts in power-generating stations.

What does a Powerhouse Mechanic do?

Installs, adjusts, maintains, and repairs electrical and mechanical equipment and parts in power-generating station: Installs equipment. Dismantles and overhauls equipment [MILLWRIGHT 638.281-018; BOILERMAKER I 805.261-014]. Dismantles and repairs auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, compressors, and pipe systems [MAINTENANCE REPAIRER, INDUSTRIAL 899.261-014]. Assists in conducting acceptance and performance tests on new or existing equipment. Fabricates special tools, rigging equipment, and replacement parts for equipment. May install wiring between machinery, switchboards, and control panels [ELECTRICIAN, MAINTENANCE 829.261-018]. May be designated according to type of plant in which maintenance is performed as Diesel-Powerplant Mechanic; Gas-Turbine-Powerplant Mechanic; Geothermal-Powerplant Mechanic; Nuclear-Powerplant Mechanic; Steam-Generating-Powerplant Mechanic.