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Powerhouse Mechanic Helper

Assist Powerhouse Mechanics in maintaining power-generating equipment.

What does a Powerhouse Mechanic Helper do?

Assists POWERHOUSE MECHANIC in maintaining and repairing power-generating equipment: Lubricates automatic recording instruments, changes recording charts, and refills ink containers. Removes instruments from panelboards for repairs, and reinstalls them when repairs are completed, using handtools. Carries or handtrucks tools and equipment to work areas. Removes nuts and bolts from machinery being disassembled for repairs. Holds parts in place for workers performing repair work. Returns tools to toolroom. Constructs scaffolds. Removes rust and scale from inside of boilers, using wire brush. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title. May be designated according to plant in which work is performed as Diesel-Powerplant-Mechanic Helper; Gas-Turbine-Powerplant-Mechanic Helper; Geothermal-Powerplant-Mechanic Helper; Nuclear-Powerplant-Mechanic Helper; Steam-Generating-Powerplant-Mechanic Helper.