Powerhouse Laborer

Perform duties in power plants.

What does a Powerhouse Laborer do?

Performs any combination of following duties in power plants, such as electrical power companies, industrial plants, and central heating plants: Assists in control and maintenance of coal conveying equipment, using handtools and lubricating equipment. Shovels coal spillage onto conveyors. Takes samples of coal and carries samples to laboratory for analysis. Loads trucks or railcars with fly ash from dust collectors, using suction hose. Starts and stops pumps, opens and closes floodgates, and adjusts valves of ash sluice system. Sweeps, washes, cleans, and paints buildings, floors, and equipment. Assists in inspection, maintenance, and repair of rail tracks, ties, and roadbeds, using shovels, picks, sledgehammers, jacks, and cutting torches. Maintains roads, lawns, shrubs, and flowers, using power mowers and gardener’s handtools. Drives, loads, and unloads trucks to transport personnel and equipment. Keeps logs on equipment and materials and submits production reports to supervisor.