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Powerhouse Electrician

Repair and maintain electrical equipment in generating stations.

What does a Powerhouse Electrician do?

Repairs and maintains electrical equipment in generating station or powerhouse: Tests defective equipment to determine cause of malfunction or failure, using voltmeters, ammeters, and related electrical testing apparatus. Notifies plant personnel of necessary equipment downtime requiring changes from normal generating and transmission equipment operation to maintain uninterrupted service. Repairs and replaces equipment, such as relays, switches, supervisory controls, and indicating and recording instruments. Tests and repairs switchboard and equipment circuitry, interpreting wiring diagrams to trace and connect numerous wires carrying current for independent functions. Cleans and repairs brushes, commutators, windings, and bearings of generators, motors, and converters. May test and maintain transmission equipment, performing such duties as oiling circuit breakers and transformers [ELECTRICIAN, SUBSTATION].