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Power Transformer Repairer

Repair power transformers used in electric generating stations.

What does a Power Transformer Repairer do?

Repairs power transformers used in electric generating stations and substations to step-up voltage of current being fed out over high-voltage power lines or to step-down voltage of incoming current prior to being fed to lower voltage distribution lines or electric equipment: Drains and filters transformer oil. Loosens bolts to free transformer cover, laminations, coils, and other internal and external parts. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to raise heavy transformer components and subassemblies. Dismantles lamination assembly preparatory to cleaning and inspection. Conveys defective coils to coworker for rewinding. Climbs into transformer case, cleans inner surfaces with scrapers and solvent, and examines case for defects, such as cracked weldments. Reassembles transformer, using new and reconditioned parts as specified. Operates pump to fill reassembled transformer with oil. May work at site of transformer installation. May wind replacement coil.