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Power System Dispatcher

Keep the power-grid humming by controlling the flow of electricity.

What does a Power System Dispatcher do?

The job of a Power System Dispatcher is to keep the power flowing from a plant to its consumers. As a Power System Dispatcher, you make sure you have enough energy to meet the demands of your customers, but not so much that the delicate systems in your plant are damaged.

You’re obsessed with the weather reports. You may check forecasts several times throughout your workday, and sneak away to a computer in the middle of the night to check the reports again. That’s because extreme heat and extreme cold can mean greater energy consumption, so you’ll want to be prepared. Additionally, big storms can cause big surges in the amount of energy your plant can make, and you need to make allowances to get rid of the excess before your transformers and power lines blow.

During your workday, you determine how much power your plant has available. Then you sell that power to your clients, determining how much you should charge for that power on that day. If you can’t meet your own demand, you may be forced to buy power from other plants.

As a Power System Dispatcher, you direct Power Plant Operators to start boilers or open up dams to produce power, or stop production of excess power. If part of a transmission line goes down, you’re notified and you find a different way to route power to the affected area. If a transmission line needs repairs, you find a way to route power without disturbing your customers.