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Power Screwdriver Operator

Tend power screwdrivers that tighten bolts, nuts, or drives screws.

What does a Power Screwdriver Operator do?

Tends power screwdriver that tightens bolts, nuts, or drives screws to assemble products fabricated from materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, or other materials: Threads or clamps specified torque chuck onto machine spindle. Inserts shank of specified wrench or screwdriver bit into chuck and tightens it, using chuck wrench. Inserts screw or bolt through holes of workpieces or nut onto stud, and turns screw or bolt to catch thread. Positions bolt or nut under bit, and depresses lever to lower spindle and grip head of screw or nut. Pushes pedal to activate spindle that turns and tightens nut, bolt, or screw to torque limit of chuck. May tend machine that positions screw or bolt into workpiece. May tend machine that is activated by pressing workpiece against chuck. May fill hoppers with screws and tend machine that automatically feeds screw between aligned holes of workpiece.