Powder Mill Operator

Tend powder-mill pulverizers that grind granular sugar into powdered sugar.

What does a Powder Mill Operator do?

Tends powder-mill pulverizer that grinds granular sugar into fondant or powdered sugar: Starts powder mill, conveyors, dust collectors, and humidifying equipment to ready station for operations. Opens valves to admit and regulate flow of sugar into pulverizer. Adjusts controls to compensate for changes and fluctuations in production. Dissolves specified amounts of sugar in water and spins solution in centrifugal device to determine starch percentage. Regulates starch flow to bring percentage within specified limits and prevent powder from caking. Dissolves other samples to test them for grist. Cleans dust lines, scrolls, and chutes and clears hopper and elevator blockades. Observes dials and gauges to ascertain that grinders are not overloaded or overheated. Inspects chains, belts, and scrolls for signs of wear. Keeps records of tests and production. May be designated according to type of sugar pulverized as Powdered-Sugar-Pulverizer Operator; or equipment operated as Fondant-Machine Operator.