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Powder Blender and Pourer

Tend equipment that blend various types of propellent powders.

What does a Powder Blender and Pourer do?

Tends equipment that blends various types of propellent powders used in manufacture of small arms ammunition: Examines and verifies powder with identifying data on container and type of powder specified on work order. Pours powder from containers into partitioned hopper and turns knob to adjust rate of flow from hopper compartments according to powder blend proportions. Verifies accuracy of hopper adjustment by drawing powder sample from each hopper compartment, using stopwatch to time flow, and weighing samples and calculating rate of flow; or by starting agitator that shakes powders into blending tube, separating blended powders according to grain size, using sieve, and weighing each size. Readjusts hopper controls as indicated by rate-of-flow or sieve test until powder proportions match specifications. Replaces full containers of blended powder under discharge tube. May fill small containers with powder by hand.