Poured Concrete Wall Technician

Survey and mark construction sites and construct concrete buildings.

What does a Poured Concrete Wall Technician do?

Surveys and marks construction site, and constructs concrete buildings, using surveying instruments, blueprints, handtools, and power tools, working as member of crew: Reads structural specifications, such as blueprints, building plans, sketches, and plot maps of site location to ascertain dimensions of structure and types of materials to be used. Measures and bolts together wooden or metal sections to form walls, windows, and door frames, using handtools and power tools. Surveys excavation site to ensure specified angles and dimensions of structure footings, using surveying instruments, such as transit and theodolite. Measures distances to points, using steel tape, and records station numbers, distances, and elevations in logbook. Stakes corners of building site and signals BULLDOZER OPERATOR I 850.683-010 to excavate area to specified depth. Lays building and wall footings and trues corners, using plumb bob and string, chalk, stakes, footing and wall forms, and hammer. Signals CONCRETE-MIXING-TRUCK DRIVER 900.683-010 and guides pouring chute that dumps cement into wall and footing cavities. Smooths tops of poured cement, using trowel. Removes wooden forms after cement has dried to free walls and footings, using hammer. Sprays asphalt on outer wall surfaces and footings to waterproof structures. Installs subgrade drainage tile and connects tile to specified points at sewer drain.