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Poultry Veterinarian

Keep large farm birds like chickens and turkeys healthy.

What does a Poultry Veterinarian do?

A Poultry Veterinarian ensures the health and well-being of poultry — particularly domestic fowl such as chickens, ducks, and turkeys, which are raised and bred as livestock. A type of Avian Veterinarian who’s more interested in hens and roosters than in parrots and cockatiels, the Poultry Veterinarian is a Doctor whose mission is diagnosing and treating diseases in feathered farm animals so that the birds — and, eventually, their eggs and meat — are in tip-top shape.

When you’re a Poultry Veterinarian, you’re like a normal Veterinarian in that your duties include inspecting animals, establishing diet and exercise routines for them, and diagnosing diseases. You also deliver immunizations, perform surgeries, and prescribe and administer treatments, including medications, injections, and other therapies.

Unlike typical dog-and-cat Veterinarians, however, you don’t work with “pet parents” in a veterinary clinic. Instead, you work with Farmers, Ranchers, and Poultry Raisers on their properties, where you’re called in not only to treat sick birds but also to inspect pens, advise on the overall health of the flock, and suggest changes to food and shelter that might facilitate increased egg production or increased fowl growth to the benefit of the owner’s livestock business.

An expert on bird anatomy and avian illness, you’re basically in charge of making sure the nation’s poultry is as happy and as healthy as it is delicious!