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Poultry Tender

Attend to poultry used in experimental tests.

What does a Poultry Tender do?

Attends to poultry used in experimental tests that determine effects of various feeds and quantities of feed on growth and production of poultry: Segregates poultry into groups according to weight, age, and sex. Selects, weighs, and mixes feeds, according to specific instructions, and fills feeders for each group of poultry with specified feeds. Regulates controls to maintain required temperatures in poultry houses. Maintains records of poultry weights, weights and kinds of feed consumed, eggs produced, deaths, and occurrence of poultry diseases, providing information about effects of various feeds. Places vaccines in drinking water, injects vaccines into poultry, or dusts air with vaccine powder to vaccinate poultry for diseases, such as fowl pox and bronchitis. Ascertains sex of chicks. May attach identification bands to legs or wings of poultry. May clip wings of fowl to prevent flying, wash and clean poultry houses and equipment, and debeak poultry.