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Poultry Inseminator

Collect rooster semen and inject it into hens.

What does a Poultry Inseminator do?

A Poultry Inseminator works with Scientists to study the reproductive systems and patterns of hens. Even though it may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, this very real position is vital to the food science industry. Through scientific methods, Poultry Inseminators determine what influences the reproductive cycles of chickens to promote better egg production.

Your job duties as a Poultry Inseminator often begin with collecting semen from roosters, but in some cases, it may be purchased from laboratory supply companies. Regardless of its origin, you study the semen using laboratory equipment for density and motility of the gametes (the cells that fuse together during fertilization). After recording your findings, you begin the next step of the process.

You inject the collected semen into the oviduct of a hen, or into a hole in the shell of an egg, and then you wait and see what happens. You watch the hen or the egg, and document when — or if — the egg is fertilized. The date of fertilization may be influenced by the motility of the semen, and the rate may also vary based on the breed of the chickens. All of this information is used to determine the best practices for chicken production, and reproduction, in the commercial farming industry.

Your keen attention to detail and excellent communication skills make you right for this position. Recording the data is at the heart of being a Poultry Inseminator, as all the results depend on accuracy. Be ready for the proverbial question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” It’s sure to pop up as soon as friends and family learn what you do.