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Poultry Field Service Technician

Inspect farms and advise farmers regarding development programs.

What does a Poultry Field Service Technician do?

Inspects farms for compliance with contract and cooperative agreement standards and advises farmers regarding development programs to aid in producing quality poultry products: Tours farms to inspect facilities and equipment for adequacy, sanitation and efficiency of operations. Examines chickens for evidence of disease and growth rate to determine effectiveness of medication and feeding programs. Recommends changes in facilities, equipment, and medication to improve production, based on knowledge of poultry farming, hatchery operations and processing. Informs farmers of new procedures and techniques, government regulations and company and association production standards to enable them to upgrade farms and meet requirements. Recommends laboratory testing of diseased chickens, feeds, and supplements or gathers samples and takes them to plant laboratory for analysis. Reports findings of farm conditions, laboratory tests, recommendations and farmers’ reactions to keep superior apprised of farmers’ efforts to furnish quality products.