Poultry Farmer

Raise poultry to produce eggs and meat.

What does a Poultry Farmer do?

Raises poultry to produce eggs and meat: Selects and purchases poultry stock. Feeds and waters poultry. Cleans and disinfects poultry houses, cages, and nests. Places vaccines in drinking water, injects vaccines into poultry, or dusts air with vaccine powder to vaccinate poultry against diseases. Inspects and disposes of or segregates infected poultry. Collects, inspects, and packs eggs and selects and crates pullets and fryers for shipment. Maintains growth, feed, and production records. Arranges with wholesalers for sale of poultry and eggs. May hire and supervise workers. May incubate fertile eggs. May be designated according to kind of poultry raised as Duck Farmer; Poultry Farmer, Egg; Poultry Farmer, Meat; Turkey Farmer.