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Poultry Farm Supervisor

Supervise the workers engaged in raising poultry on poultry farm.

What does a Poultry Farm Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in raising poultry, collecting eggs, crating fryers, and maintaining equipment and facilities on poultry farm: Confers with farm manager to ascertain production requirements and to discuss condition of equipment and status of supplies. Assigns workers to duties, such as collecting and candling eggs, feeding and vaccinating poultry, crating and shipping fryers, and cleaning and fumigating chicken houses. Directs maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment, such as chicken houses, automatic feeders, and layer nests. Trains new workers. Participates in work activities to expedite work load. Prepares worker attendance, egg production, feed consumption, and poultry mortality reports. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title. May be designated according to type of farm as Supervisor, Brooder Farm; Supervisor, Egg-Producing Farm; Supervisor, Fryer Farm; Supervisor, Pullet Farm; Supervisor, Turkey Farm.