Poultry Eviscerator

Butcher and process poultry.

What does a Poultry Eviscerator do?

Butchers and processes poultry performing any combination of following tasks: Severs legs at first joint, using knife, and drops legs into container. Slits breast skin, removes crop, and places crop on conveyor. Removes oil sack and slits abdominal wall with knife. Grasps carcass with hands, opens abdominal cavity, and pulls out viscera. Separates and washes liver, heart, and viscera and drops them into trays. Cuts around anus to remove remaining viscera and drops it onto conveyor. Holds gizzard over machine rollers to remove skin and drops it into washer. Trims fat from giblet meat with knife and places meat and fat in trays. May be designated according to part of poultry processed as Foot Cutter; Gizzard-Skin Remover; or kind of poultry cleaned as Chicken Cleaner; Turkey Cleaner.