Potato Chip Frier

Tend machines that wash slice, fry, and salt potatoes to make potato chips.

What does a Potato Chip Frier do?

Tends machine that washes, slices, fries, and salts potatoes to make potato chips: Opens valve to pump preheated cooking oil into cooking vats. Fills salt hopper. Adjusts burner controls to maintain specified temperature in cooking vats. Turns valves to rinse potato slices, and moves levers to control rate of flow of potato slices into cooking vats. Stirs potato slices to ensure uniform cooking, using paddle or by use of automatic reciprocating rakes. Observes color of cooked potato chips as they emerge onto conveyors from cooking vats. Replaces worn blades on slicing heads, using handtools. May cook potatoes by lowering wire basket of sliced potatoes into vat of cooking oil.