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Pot Liner

Reline pots and rebuild continuous anodes used in reduction of aluminum.

What does a Pot Liner do?

Relines pots and rebuilds continuous anodes used in reduction of aluminum by performing any combination of following duties: Replaces spacers, shunts, risers, brackets, straps, supports, and collector bars in pots, using wrenches. Attaches cables to pot superstructure and signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to lift it from pot. Blows dust from top of anode, using air gun. Cuts metal sheet to size, using shears or pneumatic cutter, bends it around stub of anode, and rivets it to casing. Roughens top of stub, using fork, and pours carbon paste into form to build up anode to specified height. Pours water into pot to loosen material. Digs burned-out lining, insulation ore, bath material, and brick from interior of pot, using digger or jackhammer. Lays brick base on pot floor and signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to dump carbon mix into pot. Lines walls and floor with mix to specified depth, and tamps mix into cracks, using pneumatic hammer. Reforms shell cavity with insulating board, masonite, plywood, or sheet metal. Removes steel shell for repair, using hoist.