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Pot Builder

Assemble cathode pots for use in electrolytic cells.

What does a Pot Builder do?

Assembles cathode pots for use in electrolytic cells, using handtools and hoist: Assembles cathode rings on ends of cylindrical form jig, using handtools and hoist. Wraps asbestos diaphragm paper around inner and outer jig assembly and applies glue to secure asbestos in place. Wraps perforated steel diaphragm screens around assembly and clasps ends together or secures screen in place with metal hoops, using handtools. Wraps asbestos tape around cathode rim or hammers iron band around top to attain airtight connection. Applies putty, asbestos compound, and paint, using putty knife, putty extruder, and brush, to seal cathode connections and joints. Removes cathode assembly from jig, using hoist. May cut asbestos paper to required size. May insert rubber gaskets or solder overlapping metal at joints to attain airtight connections. May perform duties of CELL REPAIRER.