Keep your post office running no matter the weather.

What does a Postmaster do?

To sort and deliver millions of letters and packages on a daily basis, post offices need Postmasters to oversee them and perform necessary managerial duties. A Postmaster acts as the main Supervisor for the entire office, mapping out delivery routes, handling customer and employee complaints, and seeing that the office is always well stocked with everything from stamps and packing tape to bubble wrap and cardboard boxes.

As Postmaster, your major responsibility is to manage your crew of Post Office Clerks and Mail Carriers. In a way, you serve as a one-person human resources department conducting interviews, hiring and training new employees, and arranging workers’ schedules. Dealing with problems within the post office and ensuring customer satisfaction also land on your to-do list. Though it takes an entire crew to keep the post office running, they first need your instructions.

While your employees sort mail and help customers, you set up shipments for supplies and double-check that all regulations are followed. In smaller communities with fewer regular employees, you may serve double-duty as Manager and Desk Clerk.

One of the most exciting parts of your job is planning out the exact routes Mail Carriers should take to save time and gas money while still hitting every house. With your skillful eye and thorough calculations, you can plan out the holy grail of post office routes. The mail must show up rain or shine, and you ensure that it gets there on time, every time.