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Postmaster General

Sit in the driver's seat of the national postal system.

What does a Postmaster General do?

For less than a dollar, a tiny piece of paper can move from New York to Los Angeles. The paper might contain a rhyming account of the activities of the Smith family in the previous year. It might contain a bill for knitted socks. Or, it might contain a fabulous opportunity for the reader to save millions with just one phone call!

All of these letters are of equal importance to the Postmaster General. This professional stands at the top of the organizational pyramid of the Post Office, providing supervision, planning, and leadership.

As the Postmaster General, you have quite a bit of autonomy and discretion. In fact, you have no formalized job description. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’re free to do anything you want. Postmasters General who play cards or drink beer all day probably won’t stay in the position for very long.

Keeping the Post Office profitable is your primary job. You work with Artists to come up with new collectable stamp designs, and you ask your marketing department to come up with snazzy campaigns to promote the safety and efficiency of the postal system. Sometimes, you’re forced to cut jobs or reduce the number of open offices in order to trim your costs.

When a major postal problem occurs, Reporters call you for a comment. Violence in post offices, dangerous items sent through the mails, or missing letters containing valuable goods may all prompt a call. Each holiday season, you also get calls for comments on letters to Santa.