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Postal Supervisor

Hire, train, and manage post office workers.

What does a Postal Supervisor do?

An average post office is run by a team of workers who transact with customers at the counter, and sort and process mail at the back of the facility. Yet another team is responsible for delivering outgoing and picking up incoming mail. A Postal Supervisor hires, trains, disciplines, and oversees the work of both sets of employees.

As a Postal Supervisor, you conduct interviews of applicants and choose one to hire when your office needs more help. You train that employee throughout the first week, and check in periodically to make sure they understand the job and are doing well. You also conduct performance reviews of all your employees, and give suggestions to those who aren’t performing up to your expectations.

If a postal client has a question or complaint, you’re the person they turn to. You listen closely to them, trying to determine what went wrong and when. You then try to resolve the issue as quickly and professionally as possible.

If your office needs equipment, you do research to determine where you can buy it for the lowest price. You write out a form requesting the equipment, and cross your fingers that your boss will approve the request.

During your workday as a Postal Supervisor, you walk around the office and make sure things are running smoothly. You encourage your workers to stay on task, but you have an open and engaging style that indicates to your staff that you’re fun and easy to work with. If a staff member is ill, you cover tasks for that person with skill and efficiency. This will impress your staff, and encourage them to work hard to be just like you.