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Post Office Clerk

Sell stamps, price packaging, and certify mail for post office patrons.

What does a Post Office Clerk do?

Your official title is Post Office Clerk, but you simply go by the name Fastest Letter Sorter Around. While technology has made instant communication possible through chat and email, the post office still carries on a thriving business sending out packages, cards, and volumes of letters. It’s your duty as a Post Office Clerk to help those loyal customers fill out forms, buy stamps, and address boxes.

So you keep the letters flowing. But what does the job of Post Office Clerk actually entail? In this business, you’re a Travel Agent for packages. A client arrives with a box that is ready to leave the nest and take a trip around the world. Just as a person needs a passport, this eager box needs the right forms to grant it access to a foreign country, and you help its owner fill them out.

Another package is playing it safe and only traveling two states away, but it weighs more than the postage the person attached. No problem. You calculate the correct postage, and attach it after the customer pays the difference.

You ensure every package has a happy trip by checking for potential problems, like unreadable address labels or incorrect forms on foreign deliveries. It’s a crucial job that ensures the thousands of packages mailed daily make it to their destinations. As the old saying goes, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can stop the mail! Thankfully, you can get the job done from inside your cozy, air-conditioned office building.