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Portfolio Analyst

Gauge the performance of clients' investments.

What does a Portfolio Analyst do?

A Portfolio Analyst keeps constant tabs on the securities market, review investment packages, and recommend stocks or other investments. In other words, Portfolio Analysts are the information encyclopedias for individuals or corporations who want to make money in the stock market.

Much of your time as a Portfolio Analyst is spent in research and evaluation. That is, after all, the very definition of an Analyst. You break down every investment option, of which there are many, and decide which ones have the highest potential for financial return. To do this, you evaluate several aspects of the security. Consider a stock purchase, for example. You look at the price, historical performance, fees, and market conditions. With this information, you make an educated appraisal of the stock’s risk.

Looking at past performance is just one part of the risk assessment. Keeping constant tabs on the business world is another. The smallest action of a major corporation can result in a giant ripple through the investing community. Imagine Google announces a new product or Bank of America records a quarterly loss. These types of situations pave the road for fantastic financial profit or disastrous loss.

Since the main objective of your job is to provide the greatest opportunities for growth and profit, you obsessively watch the business and financial news, network with people across a broad spectrum of industries, and continuously update your knowledge of risk-management policies. This is a job that will keep your blood thumping!