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Make customers feel welcome with helpful information and a smile.

What does a Porter do?

A Porter is on the front lines of customer service. This is a high-energy, customer-oriented position that has you wielding your problem-solving skills every day.

Porters work in a variety of industries. A Kitchen Porter busses tables and assists the kitchen staff. A Car Porter places the stickers on the windows, and moves the cars from one area of the lot to another. On a train, the Railroad Porter takes the passengers’ tickets, helps them find their seats, delivers blankets or pillows, and attends to any other needs they may have. In a hospital, the Hospital Porter transfers wheelchair-bound, stretcher-bound, or bedridden patients from one location to another.

But the most common jobs for Porters are in hotels. In a small hotel, the Porter might have a range of titles, beginning with Doorman and ending with Concierge. In a larger hotel, the Porter might work outside while other employees take charge of the inside.

As a Hotel Porter, you commonly hail taxis, haul luggage to the guest’s room, outline room amenities, and make your services available whenever they’re needed. When the customer needs something, you are quick to respond. You park the car, book dinner reservations, find tickets to the theater, pick up or drop off dry cleaning, and arrange for room cleaning, food delivery, or maintenance services.

Although you work long hours to ensure that the customer’s every need is met, if you do your job well, you can go home with a smile of pride and a fistful of tips.

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