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Port Traffic Manager

Keep a port organized, clean, and thriving with business.

What does a Port Traffic Manager do?

When a port is running properly, it’s a busy place. Ships come in, store their cargo on the port, and stock up with materials. Ship owners, meanwhile, pay fees for this service, and the port is kept clean and bright. The Port Traffic Manager is the person making all of this happen.

With their knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern a port, Port Traffic Managers are able to keep their port running properly at all times. They know how many ships can dock there, for example, and when those ships must leave. As the Port Traffic Manager, you make sure all the ships that come to your port abide by the rules.

You also see to it that each ship pays its appropriate fees. You document all payments properly, and give all funds to the accounting department for processing. If the fee rates change per state and federal guidelines, you notify the accounting department right away. On top of all that, you look over daily reports that detail the amount of cargo coming into and leaving the port.

You also make sure your port is clean and well maintained. The dock has to be free of debris and tripping hazards, and the streets around the port must be clean and free of abandoned vehicles.

In addition, you’re responsible for keeping business thriving. You do this by calling freight and shipping companies to woo them to use your port. Sending them glossy photographs of your spotless port, or touting your low prices and your attention to customer service just might do the trick. You try to lock in long-term contracts whenever possible.