Porcelain Enamel Laborer

Perform tasks, usually on conveyor line, in porcelain enameling process.

What does a Porcelain Enamel Laborer do?

Performs any combination of following tasks, usually on conveyor line, in porcelain enameling process: Brushes or scrapes dry porcelain from holes and designated areas of workpiece, using powered or hand brushes and scraping tools. Inspects enameled workpiece and sands workpiece to remove dirt, blisters, and lumps. Brushes porcelain into nicks. Marks workpiece to indicate routing for further repair or processing. Removes excess enamel from dipped parts with cloth, finger, or suction hose. Marks workpiece with production number, unit number, or other code. Loads or unloads workpieces from conveyor line. Cleans workpiece with solvent and hangs workpiece on rack to dry preparatory to dipping in enamel. May immerse workpiece in porcelain enamel solution. May transport workpiece to work or storage areas, using handtruck.