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Pool Lifeguard

Save lives by supervising pools and responding to emergencies.

What does a Pool Lifeguard do?

A Pool Lifeguard keeps watch over an indoor or outdoor pool as well as the surrounding area, making sure that all swimmers stay safe. A Pool Lifeguard’s job is not as easy as sunbathing though. Being a Lifeguard is serious work because you’re responsible for the safety of many people. But at the same time, it’s a lot of fun, and can be beneficial for you too.

Your main job as a Pool Lifeguard is to keep a close eye on the pool. You do constant, sweeping checks of the pool and the surrounding area, often with the help of binoculars. You’re especially alert to horseplay and running happening around the pool’s edge. If someone does look like they might be in trouble, you spring into action and perform a rescue, which means pulling the drowning victim from the water, calling for help, and performing resuscitation if necessary.

It’s not the worst job ever-most Pool Lifeguards work during warm weather months, and have the added incentive of gaining a tan and spending most of the day sitting. You may even listen to music if your Supervisors allow it. And the most exciting thing about the job is you get to experience the occasional lifesaving burst of energy in the form of a rescue, albeit sans the slow-motion Baywatch run.

So if you’re a great, strong swimmer with a sharp eye and ear, and if you like working with children and adults alike, this could be the job for you.