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Pool Installer

Excavate, construct and install aquatic recreational areas.

What does a Pool Installer do?

Anyone can dig a hole in the ground, fill it with water, and call it a pool. But most swimmers prefer something a bit more decorative, and a lot less muddy. So when people want a permanent, classy pool, they call a Pool Installer to do the work.

A Pool Installer takes a homeowner’s ideas about how big and deep their pool should be and where it should go, and turns those ideas into reality. If you’re a Pool Installer, you use stakes and rope to mark the outline of the pool at the beginning of a project. You then dig a hole, prepare the base of the pool with gravel, pour the concrete, and install the lining. Installing the plumbing and electricity for the pool is also your responsibility.

Some pools are installed above the ground. If you specialize in these pools, you have slightly less work to do on each job. You just level the ground and assemble the pool from prefabricated parts. The owner may have plumbing lines prepared, but if not, you install plumbing to and from the pool as well.

Pools mustn’t leak. At the end of each installation, you perform many, many checks to ensure that the water in the pool stays in place. Sometimes, you climb into the pool to look at the sides and check for leaks. Think of it like this: What nicer way to end a job than to have a dip in the pool?