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Polystyrene Molding Machine Tender

Tend automatic molding machines that mold preexpanded polystyrene beads.

What does a Polystyrene Molding Machine Tender do?

Tends automatic molding machines that mold preexpanded polystyrene beads under heat and pressure into cast foam products: Observes platens and listens to steam exhaust to determine end of molding cycle. Lifts cast foam products, such as balls, coolers, displays, and packing nests, from mold cavities while platens are parting. Presses cycle repeat button to reactivate molding machine, and blows loose beads from mold cavities as platens close, using airhose. Examines castings for post-expansion, fusion, shrinkage, and pits to ensure product meets quality standards. Rubs wire screen along mold parting line on casting to remove flash. May wrap advertising label around cooler cover and secure label, using masking tape. May adjust machine knobs to compensate for variations in product, such as moisture content and bead density.