Polymerization Kettle Operator

Control reactor vessels to polymerize raw resin materials.

What does a Polymerization Kettle Operator do?

Controls reactor vessels to polymerize raw resin materials to form phenolic, acrylic, or polyester resins: Pumps specified amount of raw material into calibrated tank according to formula and transfers materials into reactor. Starts mixers and pumps reagents and catalysts into reactor. Starts circulation and vacuum pumps. Adjusts valves to regulate flow of preheated or cooled fluid around jacket of reactor and to start and regulate polymerization reaction. Adjusts valves to regulate pressure and temperature in reactor. Tests viscosity and pH of resins to determine length of polymerization time, using pH meters and viscosimeters. Turns valves to discharge processed materials from kettles into cooling pans. Records processing time, pressure, temperature, and test results in log; and writes daily reports on amounts of raw materials used and finished product barreled or stored. May dump compounds into polymerized resins to thicken product. May pump polymerized resin from storage tanks to tank trucks or cars for shipment. May cast liquid plastics in molds. May analyze sample of plastics materials to determine clarity, acidity, fusibility, or brittleness, using slide rule, torsion balance, and other testing equipment.