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Polyethylene Catalyst Filtration Operator

Control filters to remove process catalyst from polyethylene products.

What does a Polyethylene Catalyst Filtration Operator do?

Controls rotary-leaf filters and such auxiliary equipment as centrifuges, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, and conveyors, to remove process catalyst from polyethylene products: Starts pumps, centrifuges, and compressors. Observes gauges and chart recorders; turns valves; and sets automatic control instruments to regulate temperatures, pressures, flow-rates, and liquid levels within plant specifications, and to transfer materials between units to ensure efficient removal of catalyst. Directs other workers engaged in tending pumps, compressors, and centrifuges and in making manual adjustments to equipment to maintain required process conditions. Moves manual and automatic controls to switch filters into and out of service for replacement of diatomaceous-earth coating. Records instrument readings and laboratory test results in operating log. Inspects equipment for malfunctions, wear, and leaks, reporting need for repairs to maintenance personnel.