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Political Science Teacher

Educate students about politics and government structures.

What does a Political Science Teacher do?

Political Science Teachers spend their days teaching and molding young (and maybe not-so-young) minds in the ways of the political world. Whether in a high school or community college classroom, a Political Science Teacher combines the stories of the political past to relate to the future of politics around the world.

As a Political Science Teacher, involving your students in the discussion takes more than simply asking questions and expecting insightful answers. Put your creative thinking skills to the test by finding engaging tactics for your presentation and lecture. Initiating and managing classroom discussions to further learning is why you’re there.

Evaluating the work of your students requires analytical thinking as you factor in classroom participation, assignments, and exams to determine grades. Teaching topics such as political thought, international relations, democracy, and citizenship prepares your students to move on to other aspects of their careers.

Outside of the classroom, expect to spend time reading newspapers (and surfing the Internet) to learn about current events around the world. Regardless of where you physically teach the course, the world today is about the bigger picture.

Spending time with a variety of students from all lifestyles (and all around the world) often gives you the chance to become the student rather than the Teacher. That, coupled with summers and major holidays off, may make this position even more desirable.