Political Aide

Serve as a trusted sidekick to a Politician.

What does a Political Aide do?

During an average day, a Politician must give speeches, vote on legislation, take calls from concerned constituents, and raise money for reelection. Despite what they may tell you, no Politician can do all of this work alone. There’s simply too much to keep track of.

For this reason, an army of Political Aides stands behind each elected official. Political Aides do the legwork that allows the Politician to be effective.

Working as a Political Aide means forming a close relationship with one Politician. During your career, you may move from office to office as your mentor gains influence. On the flip side, if your boss falls from power, you may be out of a job.

Because of that, you do all you can to make the elected official look good. The Politician is your meal ticket.

Researching issues for your boss takes up a significant portion of your day. You read new legislation, research voter polling reports, watch interviews of people in power, and talk to other Political Aides. Once your studies are complete, you write a report for your Politician. Sometimes, you create a short list of talking points that your boss can bark at Reporters.

As a senior Political Aide, you write speeches for your Politician. In order to do this work, you consult your party’s leadership and determine what the political party wants your boss to say. You also request a poll of voters in your home region to determine what sorts of things they like to hear. Then, you weave these ideas into a script that makes your mentor sound educated, bullish, and compassionate, all at the same time.