Political Advisor

Help companies keep up with the law by recommending policy changes.

What does a Political Advisor do?

Changes in the law can have a big impact on business. A procedure that was once completely legal, and even rewarded with tax credits, could suddenly become illegal and incredibly expensive. A political advisor helps companies adjust their policies in keeping with the ever-changing climate in Washington.

While a policy advisor might help to direct and shape the law, a political advisor’s job is to help companies respond to the law. Working as a political advisor means staying connected to any and all legislative matters. Reading the newspapers, watching news shows, scouring political blogs, and attending rallies are all tasks that you undertake in this job. Joining lunch groups with other political advisors or even political aides might also help you stay abreast of breaking news.

With this information, you write reports and give talks to the leaders in your company. You try to determine how the political information you’ve gleaned might impact your company. Perhaps new markets are opening up, while others are closing. Or, perhaps you need to restructure your union contracts to comply with a new mandate that’s gaining traction in your state.

Lobbying is a perfectly acceptable way to prevent changes that are unfavorable to your company. You keep track of local, state, and federal officials who are sympathetic to your business, and you make contributions to their campaigns. In addition, you suggest that your president or CEO take important people out for meals, and you provide talking points to help them make their case effectively.