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Polishing Wheel Setter

Replace worn abrasive surface on leather or felt polishing wheels.

What does a Polishing Wheel Setter do?

Replaces worn abrasive surface on leather or felt polishing wheels, canvas belts, and metal or fiber disks, and balances wheels: Immerses wheel or disk in solution to soften glue. Mounts wheel on electrically driven, pedestal-mounted spindle, using wrench, and holds pumice stone against rotating wheel to remove compacted abrasive. Rubs fingers over wheel surface to detect abrasive fragments. Brushes binding agent on wheel or disk. Rolls wheel in tray of abrasive powder or sprinkles powder over disk to cover surface with abrasive. Pounds wheel or disk with wooden block to force abrasive into binding agent. Centers wheel on static balancer to locate placement for lead weight to balance wheel. Removes lead weight from heavy side of wheel or nails counterweight to opposite side to balance wheel.